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If you are in need of an Attorney, please read this.

My name is Darryl and I am writing this letter of recommendation for Attorney at Law, Ray Schumacher.

My wife and I met with Ray based off a very heartfelt recommendation from a friend. Once we met with him there was no doubt that he was the attorney for us. We instantly felt his compassion and were impressed by his knowledge. I cannot even begin to explain how thankful I am that I had Ray at my side throughout the worst year of my life.

Ray was the perfect attorney. We felt he was always available to answer our questions. He listened to us and truly understood our situation. There was no doubt that he believed in us. He was clear and concise in what he could do and what our options were. He was able to keep me calm so I could focus on the rest of my life that did not stop because of my trial.

AmazingHe was always early to meet with us at my court appearances and explain what was going to happen. We were actually shocked by the level of respect Ray was given by everyone at the courthouse, including the prosecuting attorneys. Even the judges treated Ray with great regard. Once we saw Ray defend me in court we knew why. He described my situation as if he were there. He made critical points at the optimal times. He made me shine on the stand and tore apart my adversary. Ray was simply amazing in court!

Ray even helped me in the other facet of my case in which he was not even involved. He wrote a letter that enabled me win that as well.

Again, if you are looking for an attorney, please visit with Ray. You will quickly see what my wife and I saw, a wonderful man and an amazing attorney.

Darryl & Kristen E.

I knew after I was arrested and charged with driving under the influence I would need a good attorney to defend me. I interviewed several attorneys, but I knew after meeting with Ray Schumacher that he was the best choice. He was direct about my prospects, but I could tell he would fight for my best interests. Just knowing I had somebody on my side made the whole trying experience so much easier.

preparedAt trial, Ray was thoroughly prepared and did everything possible to show the jury my side. His questioning of the arresting officer was masterful, and his understanding of the equipment used to determine blood alcohol levels surpassed that of the prosecutor and the city’s own lab technician. He perfectly understood what needed to be said and shown so that the jury could see that my defense had merit, and that there were doubts about what the prosecution had presented. In the end, to my relief, I was acquitted. But even if I had been found guilty I would have known that Ray did all he could to defend me.

I will always be grateful to Ray for all he did for me during this difficult time.


I never got to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication in my case. I now have my life back, thanks to you. I spoke with other attorneys about handling my case, both of them were saying I will get at prideleast 14 years. That is with my prior convictions, and if my case doesn’t go to trial. If we were to go to trial and lose, I was looking at 35 years or more. Then Cathy and myself prayed for guidance and that is when we got word from a friend that she used you, and she was satisfied with what you had done for her. So Cathy said let’s call Ray and I thank God for you every day. Without you Ray, I know I would have been convicted and sent to prison. Ray Schumacher you are the best and I wish everyone could know how good you are. You take pride in your work and you search the case law and you are determined to win. That is what makes you the best. Others should learn from you. Thank you again Ray for believing in me getting the charges against me dismissed.

I am an out of state parent of an Arizona State University student who was wrongfully charged with a misdemeanor count and prosecuted by the Maricopa County District Attorney’s Office. We were at a loss with a different attorney, than Ray Schumacher came to the rescue. He was not only clearly knowledgeable of the relevant  laws and procedures, but he was also familiar with those involved in the D.A’s office. He was efficient, responsive and available (including by cell phone during the evenings and weekends). He was also very reasonable, open and honest in his perspective of our case. I am an out of state lawyer, and am perhaps more demanding than many clients, and I was quite pleased with his approach and responsiveunderstanding in the matter. He was highly skilled in handling our son’s trial and his presentation made it abundantly clear that there was no choice other than a “not guilty” result. We were overjoyed with the not guilty verdict and are grateful that we located Ray Schumacher to represent our son in his only experience with the judicial system. We recommend Ray without reservation.

Mrs. B.

ThanksRay, thank you so much for your guidance and knowledge in our son’s case. This was a scary and unusual time for our family and we are very grateful for your expertise in seeing us through.


I employed the legal services of Ray Schumacher. He was very competent in advising me of my legal rights under Arizona DUI laws. On an evening in April 2008 I was stopped and arrested recommendby a Chandler Police Officer. I was taken into custody and I requested that I contact my attorney my attorney and was not given the opportunity to do so. After consulting with Ray he determined that I was denied my right to legal counsel. With his expertise he defended me in court and my case was thrown after a hearing where the court determined that I was denied my right to counsel. I have and would again highly recommend Ray to anyone in need of such services.


I have known Ray for eight years and he has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and efficiency in representing his clients. I have used his legal services numerous times and he always resolves the issues to the best of his ability and in your best interest and in a timely manner. I would definitely friendsrecommend his services to anyone with legal matters.  On a personal note, Ray always treats his clients as friends. I will always appreciate everything he has done for me and my family.


The Law Firm of Ray P. Schumacher is a leading Tempe, Arizona Criminal Defense law firm dedicated to the representation of clients involving all aspects of litigation. We handle cases in State, Municipal, Juvenile, and Justice Courts throughout the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area and all of Arizona.

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